Boneyard is one of the original 15 maps in Titanfall.


"Here Be Dragons" brings the player to Boneyard in the sixth mission of the campaign.

Following the elimination of the IMS Sentinel, Barker flies a Militia strike force to an abandoned prototype of a tower designed to repel hostile wildlife. Using knowledge of Frontier war simulations he had developed with MacAllan in the past, Graves predicts MacAllan's move and sends a strike force to scuttle the tower. During the battle, both sides struggle for control of the generators that reroute energy to the old tower - the Militia try to operate the tower and analyze its workings, while the IMC attempt to overload and trigger it to self-destruct before the Militia learn too much about it.


  • Boneyard was designed by Jason McCord.
  • Boneyard was created when the game had a bigger Titan focus and later adapted.
  • Nessie can be found on Boneyard.

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