A config allows more precise control over your game settings than is possible through the ingame menus. Using a custom config is not considering cheating and will not get you banned. While there are certain settings that will give you clear advantages, those are all cheat protected (meaning they are locked) in Titanfall.

Note: Titanfall uses the Source engine so most of this also applies to other Source engine games and vice versa.

Command-line parameters

Command-line parameters usually apply to the game's engine and begin with a -. These are launch options and must be set through Origin.


  • -height <h>: Start the engine with the specified height.
  • -language (english|french|german|russian|korean|polish|italian|spanish|japanese): Change your game language.
  • -noborder: Remove the window border if ran in windowed mode.
  • -novid: Skip the intro video.
  • -width <w>: Start the engine with the specified width.
  • -window: Run the game in windowed mode.

Console variables (cvars)

Cvars and console commands can be passed as launch parameters by pre-pending them with a +, for example +cl_showfps 1. However, it is more common to place them in a configuration file (.cfg) and execute that.


  • +cl_showfps (0|1|2): Draw FPS, can be 0 (don't draw), 1 (draw in the top right) and 2 (draw in the top left).
  • +cl_showpos (0|1): Draw your name, position and velocity.
  • +exec <config>: Execute a config, for example +exec autoexec.cfg.
  • +fps_max (-1|0|...): Frame rate limiter. -1 indicates use the desktop refresh. 0 is unlocked.
  • +fps_max_vsync (0|1): Frame rate limiter with vsync is enabled.
  • +fps_max_use_refresh (0|1): Use refresh rate for fps_max.
  • +m_rawinput (0|1): Read mouse input directly from the mouse to avoid mouse acceleration ingame.
  • +progressbar_enabled (0|1): Progress bar during loading of a map. It is not clear why this feature is disabled and hidden by default.


We've explored launch options above, but usually you will want to place your settings in .cfg files. At launch the game will always read settings.cfg and videoconfig.txt from the C:\Users\<your_name>\Documents\Respawn\local directory. All the settings in videoconfig.txt are actually cvars and you can put them in your config if you want.

To create your own custom config I recommend creating a file called autoexec.cfg in your Titanfall install directory (for example save it as D:\Origin Games\Titanfall\r1\cfg\autoexec.cfg). Then open Origin, right-click Titanfall and click Game Properties. A small window will open, add +exec autoexec.cfg and submit. If you already have some text in this box make sure to add a space between.

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