Demeter is one of the original 15 maps in Titanfall.


"The Battle of Demeter" brings the player to Demeter in the eighth mission of the campaign.

The Militia forces attack Demeter - the key refueling link that allows travel between the IMC's Core Systems and the Frontier. While his forces fight to start a devastating reaction that will wipe out the refueling facilities at Demeter, MacAllan plays out his endgame with Vice Admiral Graves. Again, MacAllan questions Graves' actions as Vice Admiral in the IMC. He reminds Graves that fifteen years ago, Graves allowed him to desert with the Odyssey - not under the duress of a mutiny, but in an act of compassion to a friend burned out on war. In the end, MacAllan offers the Vice Admiral one last chance to redeem himself, and to change the fate of the Frontier, against all the blood shed under his command.

According to Marder a third of the IMC's forces in the Frontier was lost during the Battle of Demeter.


Inside the reactor, above B Domination Point, there is a small crawl space that you can climb into.



  • Demeter's internal name is "mp_o2".

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