The EVA-8 Shotgun is a weapon found in Titanfall.


The EVA-8 is easily capable of obtaining one hit kills on both Grunts, Spectres and Pilots. Even though the range of the EVA-8 is decent for a shotgun, its high recoil causes followup shots to be delayed. Even though the game displays 11 pellets the gun only fires 8, at 103rpm, from standard 12 Gauge 00-Buckshot shells. It was designed for extra-vehicular activity, both in conventional and in exo-atmospheric conditions.


  • Damage: 285
  • Rodeo Damage: 10
  • Fire rate: 1.72 RPS
  • Range: Close
  • Magazine size: 6
  • Reload Speed: 2.75
  • Hip fire Inaccuracy: 7.5
  • ADS Inaccuracy: 7.5

The EVA-08 only has the Iron Sights as a sight option, and can fit the Extended Magazine, Suppressor, or Leadwall Attachments.

The Amped EVA-8 Burn Card Makes the weapon automatic, doubling the fire rate, and slightly reducing recoil.

More detailed information can be found in mp_weapon_shotgun.txt.

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