Relic is one of the original 15 maps in Titanfall.


"The Odyssey" brings the player to Relic in the third mission of the campaign.

In exchange for the rescue of his fellow colonists from the forests surrounding the wreckage of the IMS Odyssey, the ex-IMC officer James MacAllan agrees to lead the Militia against the IMC. Despite Sarah's mistrust of MacAllan, Bish insists that getting the ex-IMC officer's help is their best chance of defeating the IMC. At the same time, Vice Admiral Graves tracks MacAllan's signal to its source, and deploys forces to secure the wreck of the IMS Odyssey. During the battle, MacAllan downloads the contests of the Odyssey's computer core, containing the schematics for Demeter, a critical refueling station linking the Core Systems to the Frontier - destroying Demeter would prevent the IMC from sending reinforcements to the Frontier for years to come.


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