The Smart Pistol MK5 is a weapon found in Titanfall.


The Smart Pistol scans for hostile targets within a short range, locking onto them automatically. Any rounds fired will then maneuver to hit the locked targets. Aiming with the iron sights allows the operator to use the pistol in manual targeting mode and achieve a fire rate of 480rpm It takes 3 Locked on hits to kill a Pilot, 2 for Spectres, and will instantly kill Grunts. The Smart Pistol also takes a longer time to lock onto actual enemy Pilots than AI, making it an excellent weapon for taking on large groups of Grunts or Spectres, but its less effective against Pilots. The Smart Pistol will also lock on to ordnance, like Grenades and Arc Mines. You can only have 12 locks at a time.


  • Damage: 50 (67 locked on)
  • Rodeo Damage: 10
  • Fire rate: 8 RPS
  • Range: Close to Mid
  • Magazine size: 12
  • Reload Speed: 1.45
  • Hip fire Inaccuracy: 8
  • ADS Inaccuracy: 0.5

The Smart Pistol MK5 can only use Iron Sights as a sight option, and can fit the Extended Magazine, Suppressor, or Enhanced Targeting Attachments.

The Amped Smart Pistol Burn Card Reduces the amount of locks required to kill, and reduces the time required to achieve a lock.

More detailed information can be found in mp_weapon_smart_pistol.txt.

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