Angel City's Most Wanted is the first DLC for Titanfall 2, released on November 30, 2016. Players who had pre-ordered the game received direct access to Angel City right away, others had to wait until December 1, 2016 or get invited to play in the Angel City 24/7 playlist by somebody who had.


The eponymous Angel City was ported over with minimal changes. Textures had to be remade due to engine changes, the Hardpoint A was moved and a window closed in the old location of Hardpoint A.

Titan kits

Every Titan received a new kit to choose from:

  • Ion: Refraction Lens - Splitter Rifle splits 5 ways
  • Scorch: Scorched Earth - Flame Core ignites the ground, leaving thermite in its wake
  • Northstar: Threat Optics - Enemies are highlighted while zooming in
  • Tone: Burst Loader - Aiming allows the 40mm to store up to 3 shots to burst fire
  • Legion: Hidden Compartment - Power Shot has two charges
  • Ronin: Phase Reflex - When doomed, Ronin phases out of danger



  • Pilot Execution: Inner Pieces - Phase into an unsuspecting victim


Unlike the previous additions, these cosmetics are not free and have to be bought in the platforms's respective store.

  • Ion Prime
  • Scorch Prime
  • Angel City's Most Wanted Callsign Pack: 20 new callsign banners and 10 new patches.
  • Angel City's Most Wanted Camo Pack: 20 new camos that can be applied to every Titan, Titan weapon, Pilot, and Pilot weapon.
  • Nitro Scorch Pack: Nitro Warpaint and Firebrand Nose Art for Scorch and a gold Beast Mode Callsign.

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