Ronin is a Stryder-class Titan in Titanfall 2.

Ronin loves getting up close with its samurai vibe, and quick to get in and out tactics.

Ordnance Tactical Defensive Core
Arc Wave Phase Dash Sword Block Sword Core
Arc Wave Phase Dash Sword Block Sword Core


Leadwall Shotgun High-power, low capacity shotgun that bounces off walls.


Arc Wave Swiping his sword across the ground, Ronin creates an electric wave that damages and slows enemies hit by it.


Phase Dash Ronin dashes in a given direction, temporarily phasing out of the world, avoid incoming fire and creating the element of surprise.


Sword Block Reduces damage taken. Can be held indefinitely.


Sword Core Empowers his melee and sword abilities, and gives access to new sword attacks.


  • The Leadwall's model is based on the Triple Threat, which originally was going to be a shotgun.

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