Colony is one of the original 15 maps in Titanfall.


"The Colony" brings the player to Colony in the second mission of the campaign.

Following the Militia's refueling raid and escape in the Yuma System, the IMC continue their search to eliminate the Militia fleet. The IMC deploys a small unit, led by Blisk, to an uncharted planet on the Frontier, where life signs have been detected. Blisk uses the opportunity to field test a platoon of Spectre automated infantry units on the local populace. The Militia, receiving a distress signal from this world, sends a strike force to investigate. During the battle, communications intercepts reveal that the colony was founded by the crew of the IMC Odyssey, led by James MacAllan. Now, forced out of hiding, MacAllan must once again confront Vice Admiral Graves, his former commanding officer from the Odyssey fifteen years ago. — Titanfall Companion


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